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Mar 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
because it stops the parity. >> an old tradition has proved to be disastrous for indiana bros. pour families can seldom pay the dowries demanded when they get married men -- married at men, society less than they count as breadwinners. >> everyone wants a son. you hear that everywhere. my prosperity depends on having a son. >> it is okay to have two you have to consider abortion. >> in some regions there are just 100 girls for every 120 boys. there is often a serious imbalance in cities as well. middle-class families want fewer children, so this a lot the sex before birth. >> there must be a recognition that this is happening, and you might -- must put in place a policy environment that ensures we can have this conversation. society can't talk about it in small groups. that is how the change comes to society. since 1994, sex-selective abortions have been banned, but in reality, a ultrasound technology is raising the abortion rate. in china, wrong incentives, among them the one-child policy, have increased the surplus. if their first child is a girl, families are allowed to have anot
Mar 29, 2012 2:30pm PDT
on the ground like it has been a very large strike, much larger indiana in appearance than the last general strike in 2010, and it does seem to mobilize people across various groups. i think it is an interesting point where it is not necessarily a huge amount of reform to punish the trade unions. there is quite widespread opposition to dealing with an oncoming wave of austerity measures which will make the next year very difficult. >> i am wondering how much of the nation's strikes really represent. >> it is -- the strikes, i think, are just a focal point for lots of different groups. you have the large spanish trade unions, but you also have huge movements like political parties and trade unions, and they have also been out on the streets. you have also seen different reactions and different movements in different regions of spain. it is obviously -- there are very visible, large crowds on the streets of madrid right now, but i think it is something for the government to think about. >> surely these strikers must know that spain is teetering on needing help from the e you. are there regist
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2